Hotel and Travel bookings

Travel arrangements must be booked using the online Travel & Expenses system following approval by your line manager.


Overseas Travel

Before booking any overseas travel, you are required to complete a risk assessment and obtain approval by your line manager and/or the Head of Department/School (or equivalent) that has responsibility for approving Risk Assessments for overseas travel.

A risk assessment only covers staff for one trip. If you have previously completed a Risk Assessment for a country you are visiting, you will still need to complete a new assessment, taking into account the up to date advice available on the recommended websites (see links below).

Groups of 5+ members of staff, or field trips that include students, will require completion of an additional risk assessment form that covers all those attending. n these cases, the online Overseas Travel Risk Assessment should be completed by the lead travelling staff member and ensure all travelers are aware of any risks associated to the country and their activities. Please contact the Health & Safety office for advice.

Risk Assessments are NOT a paper pushing exercise. It is important that those travelling have fully considered the risks, are making an informed judgement on whether or not to travel, and are aware of the steps to take in an emergency. These approval procedures are here to help the University undertake its duty of care to our overseas travelers.

The University does not permit any overseas travel against the advice of a medical practitioner as they will not be covered by the University’s Insurer.

The staff member should also discuss the trip with the cost centre approver for the Department/School that will be funding the trip.

Guidance on how to complete an Overseas Travel Risk Assessment can be found here.

Overseas travel arrangements must be booked using the online Travel & Expenses system after the Risk Assessment has been approved by the Head of Department/School.


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