If you have been issued a staff laptop please refer to the information below for basic user information


Logging in the first time

The first time you log in you will need to be on campus at the university connected to the network via an ethernet cable, or be in range of the wireless network.

After this you will be able to sign into the laptop anywhere, e.g. if you are off campus.

If you visit another institutions that uses eduroam, they will need to know the location you are visiting from for it to work correctly. You will need to sign into the laptop with the following: username@uni.ds.port.ac.uk


Wireless network

Your laptop will use the credentials you log in with in order to automatically sign you into our wireless network, eduroam.



Your laptop will be provided with Bitlocker encryption. This will protect University data should the laptop be lost or stolen.


Virus checker

Your laptop will have Windows Defender already installed which will be updated automatically.


Administrator rights

Administrator rights are granted on a temporary basis. Temporary admin rights can be applied for by filling out the self-service form below:

Temporary admin rights


Using software from outside of the University - AppsAnywhere

Software can be obtained from the AppsAnywhere portal.


Due to licensing, some applications are not available off campus, however, you can still use them by connecting to the Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN is already installed on the laptop, further information on how to use the VPN can be found by clicking here.


Backing up your data

All downloads, desktop and documents are stored on the C drive of your laptop. This is physically within the machine. Any other data you save, unless explicitly saved to the N drive, K drive or a USB device, is also stored on the C drive. You are responsible for backing up the data held on the C drive.

The N drive is your personal networked storage drive. It is regularly backed up, so any documents you store there are secure and it is accessible from anywhere. The K drive is used by all staff, however, access is specified based on your department and job role.

You can also use Google Drive to share documents. Google Drive provides unlimited storage and is recommended for use if you exceed your 20Gb N drive allocation. Click here to access Google Drive or install Google back up and sync from the software center on your laptop.
(Start  > All Programs  > Microsoft System Center  > Configuration Manager > Software Center)

It is preferable to keep copies of your backups in several different locations, for example a USB drive, Google Drive and your N drive.


Connecting to N and K drives

If you are connected to the wired network or on a docking station your N and K drives will connect automatically when you log in. If you are connected to the eduroam you will need to use the Network Drives icon found on the desktop. From outside of the University, after connecting to the VPN (see above), you can connect to the N and K drives using the Network Drives icon on the desktop.

Further information about working off campus can be found here.



For help regarding this article contact IT Support.