Please note: The University's subscription to Gartner is ending in January 2024 and will not be renewed

If you have outstanding work that is reliant on this service, please prioritise its completion. 



What is Gartner?

Gartner is the world's leading research and advisory company. It helps business leaders across all major functions in every industry and enterprise size with the objective insights they need to make the right decisions. Gartner's comprehensive suite of services delivers strategic advice and proven best practices to help clients succeed in their mission-critical priorities.

You can sign up with Gartner by following the single sign-on link below. Please note, if you are using a standard Windows device, then you will not need to enter any details. For other devices or off-campus use, you will need to use your university username and password.

Gartner log in



Students can use Gartner to:

  • Identify each market’s major players — they’re your future employers.
  • Monitor the challenges and opportunities in the industry.
  • Stay current with data and language.
  • Deepen your understanding of critical concepts.
  • Apply theory through real-life, market based analysis.


Research and teaching staff

Research and teaching staff can use Gartner to:

  • Plan your courses based on what will be topical in business and IT in the next few years.
  • Use the data and information to substantiate your research papers.
  • Use the research in your teaching.


Professional Services staff

Professional Service staff can use Gartner to:

  • Discover, track and assess technologies, applications and companies across global IT markets.



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