This article contains information for University staff only.

The purpose of this article is to explain the questions in the self-service form in more detail.


Moodle Unit Code or URL

Which Moodle site would you like access to? Please provide the direct URL to the unit or the unit code so that it can be located within Moodle.


Username / Full name of the person to be added

Which user needs to be added to the unit?

E.g. BloggsJ or Joe Bloggs


Level of access required

  • Unit Reviewer - Can view all content (including hidden content)
  • University Admin Staff - Can view content and the grade book
  • Non-Editing Teacher - Standard view for those not editing the content of the Moodle site
  • Lecturer - For those lecturing on the unit
  • Online Course Developer - For assisting in adding content and developing the unit

Please note: Student access is controlled via Student Records.