This article contains information for University staff only.

Staff portal services

Some of the things you are able to do in the staff portal include:

  • Email a chosen group of students
  • Generate lists of students by class, unit or course
  • Generate photo class lists
  • Search for a student and view some basic details and information on MyPort

Here are some general hints and tips for staff using the staff portal:


We recommend you compose text in Notepad and paste it into the staff portal email text area when you are ready to send it. The staff portal email facility has a delay timer built-in which means if you are composing a long email, or if you leave and come back after a period of inactivity, you will lose the text that you have input. Using Notepad also ensures that there is no formatting in the text that you paste into your email in the staff portal. Other services such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs will include fomatting that may appear as symbols or additional rows and spaces pasted into the staff portal email.

Select the Subscribe to Calendar link. Subscribing does not merge your calendars. Your calendar can be hidden or displayed with ease via Google.

The Class List, through the timetable, shows all the students who would be attending that event. The ‘Class List’, via unit, shows all students enrolled on that unit. If you believe the data should match, and it does not, contact your department timetabler to check that the data is correct.


You can view a student list with names, ID numbers, and photos of students, for any unit or course by searching for them. Select My Services then Photo Class List, and enter the unit code or course code of the student list you would like to see.

Unit Coordinators or Units you coordinate is taken from the data given in other corporate systems. The staff portal displays that same data. If you think your data is incorrect, please contact your department timetabler, or your department admin. If you have any feedback or suggestions for enhancements to the staff portal, please email the Service Desk.

For help regarding this article contact IT Support.