This article will provide information about measles.

What are measles?

Measles is a preventable viral infection that usually causes a fever, rash, cough and ‘flu like’ symptoms which may last about a week to ten days. Measles can be very serious and complications include pneumonia and ear infections.

Measles is spread from person to person by coughing and sneezing and can be passed on to others even before any significant symptoms are showing.

Preventing measles through vaccination

Measles can easily be prevented by vaccination, with 2 doses of MMR vaccine. In the UK, both doses are given as part of the routine programme of immunisations in childhood.

Think you have measles?

Measles is very infectious. If you think you may have measles contact your GP immediately by phone for advice.

It is important to let the surgery know in advance of the possible diagnosis, so that they can make arrangements to ensure that the disease is not spread to others.

If measles is diagnosed, it is important to stay at home and minimise contact with other people for five days after the rash starts.

Local GPs and medical advice

Local GP practices/ doctors surgeries in the Southsea area.

Local GP Practices/ doctors surgeries in the Central/ North Portsmouth and Cosham areas.

Further information on measles is available from the NHS Choices website.