This article informs users about the information required for requesting a new or enhanced IT service.Note:Note: These requests:

  • Must not be subject to an investment proposal or be an active University project.
  • Can only be submitted to Information Services by the Business Owner for the primary system(s) involved in the request. If you are not a Business Owner, please discuss any ideas or suggestions you have with them.

Queries about this process should be directed to your Service Delivery Manager.


What is an enhancement request?

An enhancement request is a request for any IT based system or application that is not part of an ongoing University project or investment proposal. This includes new systems or applications or may be a change to an existing system or application. Examples might include:

  • A request to make a change to the way data is displayed on MyPort or the Staff Portal.
  • Request to transfer data between two systems.
  • A new student or staff facing service that supports University strategy.


The Process

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Diagram of process


Who is involved in the Enhancement Request process?

  • Customer - The person who would like a new service or enhancement
  • Business Owner
  • Information Services - Service Delivery Manager
  • Information Services - ADM team (see below)
  • Tester (may be the customer, business owner or another nominee)

In order to submit a service enhancement request, the relevant business owner will need to fill out the self-service form below:

Business owner request

This form will ask for some basic information relating to the new or enhanced IT service.

Once submitted by the Business Owner, the information from this form will be assigned to the Service Delivery Manager by the Service Desk. An enhancement request must be discussed, agreed and specified with the relevant Service Delivery Manager for the service(s) involved. This step may or may not involve a member of other teams within Information Services (e.g. ADM) for early feasibility, advice and guidance, at the discretion of the Service Delivery Manager. The Service Delivery Manager will contact the Business Owner in order to co-ordinate the completion of a Service Enhancement Specification document.

The Service Enhancement Specification document is a more thorough review of the rationale and requirements for the new or enhanced service. Business owners are welcome to submit a full or partially completed specification document attached to their original self service form submission. In which case, there is no need to enter a full description of the enhancement, instead it can say "see attached specification form" or similar.

Once the Service Delivery Manager and Business Owner have completed the specification form, the Service Delivery Manager will approve the document for action by the relevant Informatio Services development team who will review the specification for feasibility and refer any major queries or concerns back to the Service Delivery Manager. Once there are no major queries outstanding, the specification form will be accepted by the Information Services development team including acceptance of mutually agreed delivery dates for a test and live version and the work will commence with the direct liaison between the developer and business owner (or their delegated contact).

Should the Service Delivery Manager and Business Owner determine that the request is not feasible or is perhaps already in the pipeline via another development request or project, then the Service Delivery Manager will cancel the enhancement request before it reaches a development team.


For help regarding this article contact IT Support.