To download a copy of the service enhancement specification form, please click here.This is a Word form document which you will need to download from Google drive. Once downloaded you will be able to edit the form and save a copy.


What is an Enhancement Specification Document?

An enhancement specification is a detailed set of requirements for a new or enhanced system or application. It captures when and why the change is needed, who is involved, what benefits the change will bring and how it fits into the University’s processes. This will help each stakeholder to have the same clear view about the request being made and for the Developer of the change, it will provide clear consistent guidance as to what is required and the intended process into which it will fit.

Please see the more general article for details on how this document fits into the IS Enhancement Specification Process


Example of completed specification documents

To see an example of a completed enhancement request click here. The example is for guidance only as the form responses will vary depending on the request being made.


Field Explanation
Specification Status Is this the final version or a draft version? Choose an item from the drop down list
Date Date this form was completed.
Service Desk request no The Service Desk job number received after logging a Business Owner Request via self service (not mandatory to go back and include).
Customer ref (if applicable) This applies where departments have a reference system for changes but is not mandatory.
Service Delivery Manager name Name of the Service Delivery Manager for the system or department
Business Owner or Customer Contact name The Business Owner or nominated person for this request.
Type of Request Is it a request for a new service or a change to an existing one?Choose an item from the drop down list.
Who will be the users for the application(select all that apply) Select all of the users that apply from the tick box options given or select "not applicable" if there are no "users" (e.g., an interface between two systems).
Requested go live date Your preferred date to go live. This should always reflect a maintenance window where these are already scheduled for a system.
Latest Possible Go Live Date The final date by which this change would need to be live in order to meet business need effectively and bring about the benefits discussed later in the document.
Priority Choose a priority from the list. Essential must only be chosen where there is a legal or regulatory requirement for the change. Highly desirable should be chosen if the change will bring about major benefits for staff or students or both. Otherwise Desirable should be used where this will bring about efficiency changes or assist a department with an otherwise manual or arduous process.
Please provide a brief summary explanation of your requested change Describe the change briefly here - this is what you will c



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