You can either have SPSS installed onto your machine to use offsite or you can launch SPSS directly from, an article on how to use AppsAnywhere here.


  1. Visit AppsAnywhere and search for SPSS
  2. Locate SPSS Statistics 26 and click launch

    SPSS statistics
  3. The application will virtualise in Cloudpaging Player

As long as you have internet connection and VPN you can use SPSS without installing onto your machine.

  1. Visit AppsAnywhere and search for SPSS
  2. Locate SPSS Statistics 26 for Home Use and click Launch.

    SPSS Statistics v26
  3. The installer will download in a zip file, extract this file and run the installer.
  4. There will be a windows user authentication prompt. If you don't have admin rights you will be asked to enter an admin password. Student users borrowing laptops will need to seek assistance from the service desk or choose to install the non home-use version of SPSS.
  5. Install SPSS with the default options. After clicking Finish The authorisation wizard will open and ask for an authorisation code.
  6. The most up to date code will be found on in the description below the application listing, or found by clicking more info.
  7. Enter this code in the field labeled Authorised user licence.
  8. Follow the instructions to authorise SPSS which you can now open from your start menu.

This code is renewed annually, if your license runs out, please see for the most current code and re run the SPSS license wizard from your start menu.

Error with installation

If when you run SPSS you get an error saying that the application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect then you may need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable from AppsAnywhere.


For help regarding this article contact IT Support.