This article contains information for University staff only.

You must be the responsible person and the password holder of the Shared Mailbox in order to grant access.

Please also see this article regarding the guidelines around Shared Mailbox passwords.


Managing Access

Please use Chrome for adding/removing access to Delegate accounts.

  1. Visit http:\\ and log in using the Shared mailbox Email address and password, using an Incognito browsing window so that you do not need to log out of your work email account.

    Google Login Page
  2. Click on the cog icon in the top right hand corner and select Settings.

    Cog settings screen
  3. In the Settings screen, click Accounts. Click Add another account to grant access to a member of staff.
    Please note you can choose whether conversations are marked as read or left unread when opened by others by using the radial buttons.

    Account settings
  4. In the Grant access to your account window, enter the full Email address of the staff member and click Next Step then click Send email to grant access on the next screen.

    Grant access screen Send Email
  5. Close the Granted window. An invitation Email will now be sent to the member of staff, they are required to click on the link within to confirm access. These invitations will expire after a week (approximately), if this occurs the owner must revoke and resend the invitation.

  6. You will return to the Accounts screen which will show you that the member of staff is Pending, this will change to Accepted once the staff member has confirmed your request to grant access.

    The Account settings confirming the requested as accepted
  7. If you wish to remove members access to the mailbox, click delete, you will receive a confirmation screen, click OK to confirm.

    Confirm deletion