This article contains information for University staff only.

This article provides advice on using the microphones in the Information Services managed teaching and learning spaces. It includes troubleshooting advice on the lectern and lapel microphones.


Lectern Microphones

The majority of lectern microphones do not need any set up before use although some are equipped with an ON/OFF sliding ring on the microphone.

Things to look out for: If you are not hearing any sound, check that the microphone volume is at an appropriate level on the control panel.

Note: There may appear to be microphones on the lecterns but some of these are installed to work with the hearing loops and will not amplify your voice to the room.


Lapel Microphones

If there are lapel microphones supplied in the room they will already be set up to work. Ensure the pack is on and attach the lapel microphone near to your mouth in an area that will not be brushed or knocked. Clip the pack to your belt or place it in a pocket. Please ensure that the lapel microphone pack has been returned to the lectern when it is finished with.

Things to look out for: Ensure the volume for the lapel microphone is at an appropriate level on the control panel and that the batteries are fully charged.

Note: If you would like to use a lapel microphone, and one is not provided in the room, please contact your department specialists who can give you support and advice.


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