We use a responsive web design for Moodle so it should display suitably on either a mobile phone or tablet by simply accessing moodle.port.ac.uk. However, if you want to use an app for Moodle then there are Android, iOS and Windows versions of the Moodle Mobile App available from your native app store.

Regardless of which method you use to access Moodle on your device, for the latest content you will need to be connected to the internet either by WiFi or a data connection such as 3G/4G. Limited cached content may be available when using the Mobile app if the content has previously been accessed.

Mobile access to Moodle is designed to supplement your experience rather than replace it, for full functionality you will require a standard computer or laptop.

If you encounter any display issues when using a mobile device via a web browser (i.e. not using the app) please report them to elearn@port.ac.uk so that we can try to fix them. When reporting a display issue please let us know what make/model of phone/tablet you are using and what content you were trying to access at the time, if possible a screenshot of the issue would be helpful.