This article contains information for University staff only.

The article describes some common problems associated with accessing shared storage (e.g. the K drive) either on Campus or off campus.



New members of staff are usually given default access permissions to their department's area of the K drive. If a staff members is unable to access a required folder then the self-service form below will need to be completed to requests K drive rights. The form includes the option to duplicate the rights of another member of your team.

Note: After access has been granted, the changes will not come into effect until next login.

Request K drive rights


Loss of Access

If you find you are unable to access files you could previously, then a number of points should be checked:

  • You have internet access, i.e. are still able to access your email
  • You are still able to open files on your N drive
  • The date and time is correct on your machine
  • You are browsing to the file, not following a shortcut

Once the four points above have been checked, the rights to that area should have been amended.

Unfortunately it is possible to accidentally drag a folder to another location on the K drive. If this is noticed and then dragged back by the user, any specific access rights to that folder may have been lost. This may give more staff access as well as remove access. Please advise the Service Desk if you notice a folder is out of position, do not try and resolve it yourself. The Service Desk will be able to check the rights to the file, its folder and its parent folders.


Accessing from a non-domain joined machine

When browsing for the relevant network path for the K drive, or accessing via a UNC path - e.g. \\fps1\public\central, you may need to enter your credentials if you have not been prompted before. When doing this, you will need to prefix your username with UNI\ - e.g. UNI\bloggsj, or append to your username e.g.\bloggsj


For help regarding this article contact IT Support.