The staff portal can be accessed at from the following website:

Staff portal

For details on using the Staff Portal, please view the Frequently asked questions article.



The University's Staff Portal is a globally accessible online resource. It sources data from multiple University corporate systems to report what an individual is teaching, whom they are teaching and when they are teaching. Information displayed in the portal includes:

My Home The home page displays a personal photograph, announcements and useful links.
My Details Basic personal information including ID number, name, staff classification, department code and lecturer ID.
My Services Provides links to a wide range of University tools - e.g.
  • IS Service Desk
  • Online telephone Directory
  • Room availability search 
  • E-mail students 
My Tutees Details of tutees assigned to the academic.
My Units Details of the units taught and/or co-ordinated. Additionally, it is possible to drill down on each unit and view the associated students.
My Courses Details of the courses for which they are the Course Leader.
My Timetable Displays for the selected week (and following), details about the time, venue, class groups etc for all timetabled teaching.




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