Note: Wireless routers are not permitted for use in halls of residence rooms. For more information on why, please click here.

If you would like to use the ResNet connection to connect another device, e.g. a gaming console while leaving your computer connected, then you will need to use a switch and extra ethernet cables. An ethernet cable is required per device, including your computer.


Approved switch

Information Services have fully tested and approved the Netgear ProSafe® FS105 5-port 10/100 Desktop Switch for use on the ResNet network. This can be purchased from any approved retailer. Correct functionalilty of any other switch is not guaranteed.

Netgear ProSafe® FS105 5-port 10/100 Desktop Switch

All switches are unsupported devices, including the approved switch. Due to the configuration of the ResNet network, routers are not compatible.


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