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e5 and Collaborative Planning are financial management systems used by the University to provide an integrated solution to various finance-related needs. These include statutory financial accounting, management accounting and budgetary control, aiding the procurement process, payment of suppliers and employee expenses, and supporting credit control functions. The following article includes the manuals and resources available to support your use of the system. For further information please contact Mark Gledhill and check the Finance Intranet pages.

IT Training has prepared a selection of standard PDF manuals to support you.


e5 Manuals

Introduction and Navigation - CDR01 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 5, August 2019]
Purchase Order Processing - CDR02 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 5, December 2019]
Goods Receiving - CDR03 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 5, September 2019]
Revisions - CDR04 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 4, July 2015]
Split Analysis - CDR06 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 4, July 2015]
Purchase Order Authorisation - CDR07 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 3, July 2015] (Instructional video)
Budget Enquiries - CDR08 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 4, July 2015]
Customer Invoicing - CDR09 Manual (e5 Upgrade) [Version 5, April 2016]
Year End Housekeeping - CDR10 Manual [Version 2, January 2011]
Invoice Logging - CDR11 Manual [Version 5, June 2018]
Paperclip - CDR12 Manual [Version 1, June 2018]


Collaborative Planning Manual

Collaborative Planning


e5 Reporting Manual

e5 Reporting - e5 Reporting Manual [Version 1, May 2018]


NatWest Smart Data (SDOL)

NatWest Smart Data (SDOL) - Reviewer - NatWest Smart Data (SDOL) - Reviewer, Version 2, September 2020]
NatWest Smart Data - Approver - NatWest Smart Data - Approver [Version 1, November 2020]


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