This article contains information for University staff only.

Visualisers are electronic imaging tools for displaying documents and 3-D objects. They use a live camera that picks up images and displays them via the data projectors, e.g.

  • piece of paper, text book, or other printed material
  • a 3-dimensional object such as a model
  • a transparency, 35mm slide or an x-ray

You can point, annotate, zoom in and out, and get different views and angles by turning an object.

There are 3 main visualisers deployed in the IS Managed Teaching Spaces and this section is designed to provide basic information for their use. To view instructional information, select the required visualiser:

Wolfvision (VZ-3) Samsung (SDP900) Elmo (HV-5600x9)
Visualiser Wolfvision (VZ-3) Visualiser Samsung (SDP900) Visualiser Elmo (HV-5600x9)