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Please note that the visualiser in room may differ slightly from model shown.

Samsung (SDP900) visualiser

The main control panel has the following buttons:


Turns the power on or off

Tip: Leave the display surface empty when you turn it on as it may affect the automatic 'colour adjustment' performed as it is powered up

FREEZE Freezes the image
Tip: Useful when repositioning or changing subject matter on the display surface.
AWC AWC Controls the colour automatically
Tip: For best results, only activate with a white surface under the lens
ZOOM Allows the size of an object projected on the screen to be adjusted

Controls the sharpness of the output image
TXT: for material with mostly text

IMG: for material with more image than text

ROTATE Allows the image to be rotated
AF Activates an automatic focus
Tip: Be careful not to move the subject matter when using the auto focus
INT/EXT Selects an internal or external image
INT: to view the image on this product
EXT: to view the VGA output from another device such, e.g. PC
LAMP Turns the upper lamp or light box on/off
Tip: Use the upper lamps for documents and other subjects.
Tip: Use the built-in Lightbox to illuminate overheads, x-rays, and slides.
IRIS Controls the brightness of the image by using the iris



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