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Please note that the visualiser in room may differ slightly from model shown.

Wolfvision (VZ-3) visualiser


The main control keys are as follows:


Switches the unit on and off

Tip: Press and hold to turn the unit off.
Tip: The unit will turn off when the arm is lowered, raise the arm or press and hold the POWER key for 4 seconds to turn it back on.


Switches the visualiser light on and off

Tip: Press and hold for two seconds to activate the white balance function.

Freeze key Freezes/unfreezes the image
Zoom Wheel

Allows the size of an object projected on the screen to be adjusted

Tip: The more you turn the zoom wheel, the faster the zooming works


Switches the auto focus on an off

Tip: The arrow beside the key indicates if the auto focus is switched on


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