This articleexplains how a course reps represents youand their duties.

The Course Rep system is organised and run jointly between the University and the Students’ Union and the system itself is recognised via the University’s Student Voice Policy. The University is responsible for electing Course Reps, whilst the Students’ Union provides training, support and volunteering opportunities throughout a Course Reps time in office.

Course Reps are expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • To gather feedback, ideas and issues from peers to take forward to Departmental, Faculty, University and Union meetings, and to relevant members of staff.
  • To utilise and engage with available communication tools.
  • To attend meetings, as outlined by the University.
  • To attend training, as outlined by the Union.
  • To provide effective academic representation for all students on their course, and not just a few.
  • To always stay impartial and ensure that Course Reps’ personal views do not impact on their ability to represent students.
  • To signpost students to Union and University services as required.
  • To work with Faculty Reps, the Student Focus Team and the Academic Representation Officer.
  • To strive to improve the student experience and teaching quality at the University and the Union.

Further information on the Course Rep scheme can be accessed on our webpage and the team regularly share updates, key events and opportunities here or on our Facebook page. For any additional information or queries please email: