Lost/Found Property

When items are found on campus they should be transferred to the nearest Lost Property Point within the University.

On receiving lost property, staff at the below points will be required to log items onto the shared lost property spreadsheet on Google Drive.  This must be done at the time of the item being handed in.


Student cards

Should be sent to Myport in Nuffield.  Myport should contact the student to let them know where their card can be collected.

Staff cards

The staff member should be contacted and asked to collect their card from where it is being held.  The card should be destroyed if not claimed within 1 month.

Contractor & white cards

Should be sent to Adrian Partington on Merc fl6 who will endeavour to find out who they belong to so they can be reunited with their owners.  The cards will be destroyed if not claimed within 1 month.

Cash, bank cards, chequebooks and items containing these like purses or wallets

Should be logged onto the spreadsheet and then handed over to Finance ASAP via the cash desk in University House floor 0.  Email treasury@port.ac.uk to arrange a time to go over there and hand over the items.  If known, the owner should be contacted and informed that they can collect their purse/wallet etc from the University Finance.

Library books

Should be returned to the Library.


If unclaimed after 1 month should be sent to the Passport Office (HM Passport Office, Globe House , 89 Eccleston Square , London, SW1V 1PN) or the relevant embassy.

UK Driving Licenses

If unclaimed after 1 month should be sent back to Drivers Customer Services Correspondence Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL.

Data Storage Devices including Memory Sticks, CDs/DVDs & Phones

If data storage devices are handed in please log them on the spreadsheet, as per all other items, and then check the device for any identifying information.  This can be done by plugging the device, such as a USB or Memory Card, into your computer and viewing the files.

Look for something that may obviously contain personal data e.g. name, email, phone number, which will allow us to contact the owner. CV’s would be a good example of this.

If you are able to identify the owner, please contact them and add the information to the spreadsheet (as per all other items).  Please ensure that you eject/disconnect the device safely before removing from your computer to prevent any loss of information.

If you are unable to access the data or if you are not confident to do so, please complete the information on the spreadsheet and then forward the device to Adrian Partington, Merc fl6.  Please ensure that you include a note with the device to advise where and when in was found/handed in and if possible the row number for your spreadsheet entry.  We receive a lot of these devices and it will help Adrian to keep track of them if he has this information.

If you discover any inappropriate content or have any concerns about the content on a device please contact Samantha Hill for guidance.  samantha.hill@port.ac.uk or +44 (0)23 9284 3642.

Any data storage devices unclaimed after 1 month can be sent to the Postroom in Port Royal with a covering note so that they can be destroyed.

Student course notes

The notes should be checked to see if there is a name or student number in them.  If yes the student should be contacted to let them know where their notes can be collected.  If no they can be destroyed if not claimed within 1 month.

Clothes & any other non valuable items

Should be kept for 1 month and then disposed of if not claimed.  There is a charity bin outside the Student Union on Cambridge Road which can be used for this purpose.



Items will be held at the local property points for a maximum period of 4 weeks. 

Lost property found in the Sports Hall and Gym will be recorded on a separate spreadsheet which will also be available to view in Google Drive.  Contact sport@port.ac.uk/x5555.

The spreadsheets will be available to all front facing staff/reception points and lost property points.

Lost Property Points are located at: