This article will provide you with the information on how to register with a dentist.

When and how to register

  • To register with a dentist you can approach any surgery to ask for NHS treatment. However, the decision on whether or not to accept you as a new patient under the NHS rests with the dentist.
  • Most dental surgeries are unable to offer you an appointment for the same day (unless in extreme emergencies and only then if you are registered with the surgery).
  • It is therefore important to register as soon as possible - do not leave it until you have toothache.



Under the NHS, there are now charges for check-ups. The dentist will advise you of costs for other NHS treatments.

Free treatment is available under the NHS if the patient's income is low. A claim can be made by completing a ‘Prescription Exemption Certificate’ which will mean that no payment is required (this also provides free NHS prescriptions).

You should complete this form before you need treatment - obtaining refunds is time consuming and can be problematic.

For further information or help with NHS costs please contact the Student Finance Centre on +44(0)23 9284 3029.

For more information about registering with a dentist see the NHS Choices website.