This article will explain how the Academic Skills Unit (ASK) may support you in your Personal Development Planning.

On your course there are specific units to help prepare you for job hunting and career development. This is all part of the Personal Development Planning (PDP) process that provides a framework for you to think about and integrate the personal, academic and career aspects of your time at Portsmouth.

Your course aims to provide an enabling learning environment so that by the end of your studies you will demonstrate the following 'graduate skills':

  • command of a significant body of subject knowledge and skills
  • transition into employment and/or further study
  • confidence to engage in lifelong learning in pursuit of personal, academic and career development
  • academic, research, information and digital literacy skills
  • autonomous and collaborative work
  • an enterprising outlook with logical, critical and creative thinking to solve a range of problems
  • a global perspective and the ability to act in an ethical and socially responsible manner

As a University student, the emphasis is on you taking responsibility for your own learning and critically interacting with material, rather than passively absorbing information. All courses include study skills, either as separate units or integrated within other units of study, which aim to help you learn effectively and make the best use of our learning resources.

If you are advised to book an ASK appointment in relation to your academic skills development, the tutor will keep the relevancy of this to your graduate skills development in mind.

To book an appointment, see our article on how to request a one-to-one tutorial.

For further information contact the Academic Skills Unit (ASK).