This article provides information about what to do in the event of a clash of units on a timetable, a blank timetable and/ or incorrect timetable.

Your timetable is created using the Core units for your course/year, and the units you have selected during the option choice process (if applicable for your course/level). These units are all added to the Student Records system by your home department. If the information entered to this system is incorrect, then your timetable will be incorrect.

Check with the Student and Academic Administrators, within your MyPort Hub, that you are registered for the correct units and the correct amount of credits in the Student Records system.  If this is all correct then the administrator will pass the query onto the Central Timetabling Unit (CTU) to investigate further. CTU will inform the MyPort Hub of any outcomes who will then contact you to advise/discuss. In the meantime, keep checking your online timetable, as the issue may be resolved before your Student and Academic Administrator manages to contact you.

Any changes made to the Student Records system by your admin office will be transferred to the timetabling system overnight, so please allow 24 hours for any changes to be reflected on your timetable.

MyPort Hub contact emails can be found here.