This article will provide information with regards to the confidentiality process of reporting incidents of bullying/harassment to the University services.

The University has an obligation to protect complainants and other members of the University community, and information will only be disclosed to relevant parties (i.e. those involved with the investigation or in dealing with the outcomes). All investigations will otherwise be confidential. This is to protect the confidentiality of the person making the complaint, as well as the reputation of the person being complained about.

Any individual who is concerned that a colleague or fellow student is subject to unwelcome behaviour may wish to discuss this in confidence with a member of the Student Advice team. If it is felt that the safety of an individual(s) is at risk of serious harm, confidentiality in these circumstances may be overridden by a duty of care and legal obligations to disclose. Unjustified failure to maintain appropriate confidentiality will itself be regarded as a disciplinary issue.

For further information please refer to page 5 of the Dignity and Respect Policy.