This article will outline what happens to student loan arrangements if you transfer to a different course/university.

If you are thinking about transferring course (or university) speak to the Student Finance team about your financial options, plus your department, the Department of Student and Academic Administration and your award authority e.g. Student Finance England, as soon as possible. For information on how to transfer, see the article: 'Change of Status (Transferring, Suspending, Withdrawing) - what I need to know'. Keeping each fully informed throughout the process of transferring courses is vital.

The final decision about the financial support you will receive is made by your award authority. If you are receiving funding from Student Finance England you are entitled to support for the length of your course, plus one additional year if required, minus any years of previous study. For example, if you have to repeat a year because you have transferred to a different course or university, then you can receive funding for that extra year of study. If you have to repeat another year however, it is likely you will have to self fund that period of study.

During any self-funded year, you will not be eligible for a tuition fee loan, or any maintenance/special support grant. You may still be eligible for a maintenance loan and University bursary, along with any extra dependants allowances you are normally entitled to.

Student Finance England has discretion to extend your funding if you have compelling personal reasons for repeating a period of study, for example, ill health. This discretion can be applied each time you are unable to complete a year due to your compelling personal reasons. Contact the Student Finance team if you need support with this.

Please note, different rules apply if you are not receiving funding from Student Finance England. Visit the following websites for further information: