This article provides information regarding the data that the University will not provide in response to a Freedom of Information Act 2000 request.

Your own personal data is exempt from disclosure under the Act, as the right of access can be properly exercised under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Other information may be exempt from disclosure due to the fact that the information:

  • relates to another person;
  • may have Health & Safety implications;
  • may be in the process of being published elsewhere;
  • may be part of an investigation being carried out by the University;
  • could prejudice any law enforcement action being considered, or;
  • could adversely affect the commercial interests of the University if released.

If we cannot provide any or all of the information you request, we will tell you the reason for it not being provided. If you disagree with the University's reasons, you can request a review of the initial decision, by writing to the Vice-Chancellor, explaining why you believe the information should be provided, at:

If, once the Vice-Chancellor has considered your complaint, you still believe we should provide the information, then you may make representations to the Information Commissioner to that effect. More details of this process can be found here