This article provides information regarding issues about which students can complain.

Students may raise concerns about any aspects of their student experience except for matters of academic judgement. These complaints should be raised under the Student Complaints Procedure.

The University has separate procedures for dealing with academic appeals and for complaints about other students. However, if a complaint contains elements of an academic appeal, you may submit your entire complaint to the Complaints team, who will work with Academic Registry to decide the most appropriate course of action, whether this is for the procedures to run concurrently or consecutively.

If your complaint relates to your accommodation in University Halls of Residence, you should first report any problems to Hall reception staff as set out in the Halls of Residence Handbook. You should follow the Halls complaints procedure as set out in the Handbook before using the Student Complaints procedure.

You cannot complain to the University about the services or facilities provided by the University of Portsmouth Students Union (UPSU), as it is a separate organisation. You should make complaints about UPSU in writing to the Students Union. You can find more information about the UPSU complaints procedure on their website .