This article provides information regarding the Student Complaints Procedure.

To make a complaint, the Student Complaints Procedure should be used. This procedure is for the use of all University of Portsmouth registered students whether campus based or distance-learning. An individual is considered to be a student for three months after they have left their studies or graduated from the University. Students studying with one of the University’s collaborative partners may use this complaints procedure about something that the collaborative partner has/has not done, once the partner’s internal procedures have been exhausted.

Your first step to resolving a complaint is to raise your concerns informally, by either speaking or writing to a member of university staff in the area in which your complaint has arisen. By the end of these discussions you should have a clear understanding of what will be done to resolve your complaint.

If you have tried to resolve your complaint informally but are unhappy with the outcome, you should make a formal complaint, within 20 working days of the event you're complaining about or the conclusion of your attempt to resolve your concerns informally.

To make a complaint, send an email to the complaints team ensuring that it:

  • Identifies you
  • Contains contact details
  • States the nature and origin of your complaint
  • Outlines the steps taken to resolve the complaint through the informal procedure
  • Details the reason(s) why you are not satisfied with the outcome of the informal procedure
  • And, as appropriate, gives the outcome you believe will resolve the complaint.

If you are unable to follow these instructions for any reason please contact the Complaints team for further advice.

Nicola Young & Nathalie Derrick