This article will provide information on disclosing the details of your disability to the University.



The University takes the confidentiality of any disclosure very seriously. You have the right to keep details of your disability, and/or the support you may receive, confidential at all times. Information about your disability and support needs may be disseminated on a 'need to know' basis only and for the purpose of reasonable adjustment. Should you wish certain details of your disability, and/or support needs to remain confidential, then we will respect by your wishes.


Understanding your support requirements

We actively encourage you to disclose all your disability-related matters with a Disability Officer so that we can better understand your possible support requirements. The University will make no assumptions about the implications of your disability and will only address those needs you advise us on, or that are detailed within any evidence you provide.

There is a wealth of support potentially available to help address any disability-related barriers you may experience in accessing your studies to full effect. We can only help you to access these if we know and understand what you need.


What if I do not disclose my disability

Non-disclosure means that the University will not be aware of your additional support needs and therefore you may not receive any additional support. You need to understand that you will not be able to rely on a late disclosure of disability to obtain retrospective adjustments to poor marks.


Early disclosure of a disability

We actively encourage you to disclose at as early an opportunity as you can, normally during your application process. This enables us to contact you early so we can review your support requirements and ensure that you are happy that the University can provide adequate support to enable you to complete your course of studies.

In very rare cases there may be core course requirements that cannot be adjusted or compensated for to meet your needs, or a lack of appropriate provision to accommodate aspects of your disability. In these cases, a late disclosure may result in you being committed to a course of study on which it will be impossible for you to complete successfully and/or to find work in an associated profession. Early disclosure means that we can discuss these details with you and help you explore alternative study paths that will meet your aspirations before such a commitment takes place.