This article includes information about the agreed protocols for recording lectures.

Some, but not all, disabled students may have difficulties in taking notes in academic situations. Those students may be provided with assistive technology to support them to record lectures. If you are given such support, then we wish to assist you with the process and would ask you to take particular notice of the procedures below.

If you record a lecture or seminar, then please be advised that the content of that recording remains the property of the University. These recordings must not be passed onto other students, nor should they be reproduced; they are for your own personal use and to support your academic studies.



  • Inform a University Disability Officer of your particular needs. This will assist the University in making an appropriate adjustment to improve your student experience. This will also help the University to facilitate the recording of lectures and enable the University to implement other measures that may enable it to meet your specific educational requirements.
  • Understand that the content of lectures remains the intellectual property of the University and forms part of the learning agreement between you and the University. Recordings must only ever be used for your own personal study; you should not reproduce it or pass it on to anyone else other than for transcription purposes.
  • You will need to confirm that you are happy for academic staff to be told that you need to record lectures in order to help them meet your learning needs. Alternatively, we will need to note on record whether you wish those reasons to remain confidential.
  • You will be given permission to record formal academic contact but you must seek permission from other students when recording seminars. This is to ensure that you do not breach their right to confidentiality.

If you are unsure of the position in regard to the recording of lectures, or if you have any other relevant learning needs, you are advised to contact a Disability Officer.