This article includes information about the types of accessible accommodation the University provides for disabled students.

Accessible accommodation for disabled students


Prioritisation of room allocation

The University can consider prioritising the allocation of University Halls for students with complex needs that limit their ability to live in the private sector.


Accessible rooms

The University has a limited number of accessible rooms and these are subject to availability. These rooms have been adapted for different purposes and include:

  • Physical access: wheelchair access, ensuite wet-room facilities, automated doors and accessible kitchens (where appropriate depending on catering options chosen)
  • Sensory access: rooms fitted with flashing light alarms in place of audible alarms, facilities for vibrating pillows and improved lighting



Where a student requires overnight care support the University may be able to provide an adjacent room in the Hall of Residence to allow the carer to be on hand if needed. The cost of this additional room needs to be met by Social Services or your NHS PCT as part of your care support package.



If you are likely to require accessible accommodation, you must note this on your application for housing.

We encourage you to contact ASDAC early in the application process to discuss any additional needs arising from a disability of medical condition.