This article will provide you with the information about useful websites for Postgraduate Researchers.

Here is a list of the useful websites that are available:


The Postgraduate Forum


Research Methods


Writing your thesis

  • Starting your PhD
  • The Thesis Whisperer  The thesis whisperer is a blog dedicated to helping PhD students finish their thesis.
  • Doctoral Writing SIG (Doctoral writing blog) DoctoralWritingSIG is a forum where people who are interested in doctoral writing can come together to share information, resources and ideas.






After you have completed your PHD



Vitae provide a huge range of invaluable resources for all types of postgraduate researchers and research staff, including tips on managing your doctorate, working with your supervisors and careers advice.

They also run a range of events for postgraduate researchers including GRAD schools and careers events. Dependent upon your funding source, many of these events are free and may be a good opportunity for you to meet other PhD students and to develop your career in research.

Vitae also produce an electronic newsletter for postgraduate researchers, keeping you up-to-date with some serious and not so serious aspects of studying for a doctorate.