All research must be reviewed by the relevant Faculty Ethics Committees including, in particular, if the research will involve:

  • human participants (including personal data that are not in the public domain);
  • sensitive topics;
  • the integrity of the environment.

Animal research must be referred to the specialist committee. See more information about Research Using Animals .

Your individual faculties may have different processes for completion of ethical review and you are advised to discuss the requirements with your First Supervisor or the Chair of your Faculty Ethics Committee.

Please note that where policy or law dictates that ethical review is undertaken externally (i.e. by a NHS Research Ethics Committee or the National Social Care Ethics Committee), it is only necessary to submit the evidence that the study has been given a favourable opinion by them.

No recruitment of participants or data collection can commence until ethical review has been undertaken and a favourable opinion obtained.

For further information please see the Research Degrees Handbook, or see the University of Portsmouth Ethics Policy.