This page provides a summary of the Graduate School Development Programme (GSDP).

The GSDP provides a range of face-to-face workshops and eLearning resources for PGRS.

The GSDP is focused on developing you as a researcher and provides some of the ten days a year of research development expected by the Research Councils UK (RCUK) for research students (five days for part-time students). Other subject-specific and advanced training may be available from your Faculty, Department or research group.

The GSDP has been designed for both full-time and part-time students, to offer resources to help you succeed whether you are based in Portsmouth or at a distance. The aim is to provide development opportunities that will be relevant to your studies whatever your discipline, if you are just starting your research degree, part way through your studies or preparing for your viva voce examination or future career. The GSDP has a Fair Use Policy which you should read as you book your first session as this outlines your responsibilities regarding booking and attendance.

Skills Forge is an interactive web-based system that you will use to:

  • Book your place on Graduate School Workshops once you and your supervisor have clarified your priority development areas. Your attendance at workshops you have booked will be recorded on Skills Forge providing you attended for the whole session and you have signed the register to confirm this
  • Manage your Professional Research and Excellence Skills (PRaXiS) development. The Skills Forge system enables you to keep a record of your skills requirements as well as achievements. 
  • Keep a record of meetings with your supervisory team. It is very important that you keep a record of what you discussed in meetings with your research supervisors and, in particular that you record and ‘sign off’ any actions that were agreed (for both you and members of your supervisory team). You can use the Skills Forge system to keep a permanent record which can be retrieved later if needed. There is provision for you and also for your supervisor(s) to ‘sign off’ any notes from your meetings
  • View a guide to activities undertaken during your research programme. You are expected to take responsibility for your own development: to participate fully and equip yourself with the skills, techniques, personal qualities and intellectual abilities required. You can expect the Graduate School to provide the support you need to achieve this.