This article will explain what you should do as a postgraduate, regarding your funding, should you decide to terminate your studies.

It is strongly recommended that PGRS use Turnitin before submitting their final draft of their thesis to the First Supervisor for agreement that it is ready to be examined. Turnitin is an internet-based plagiarism prevention service that can be used to check that the work is correctly referenced. It can be found in the Graduate School Moodle site.

As part of the appendix or annexes of the thesis PGRS need to include:

  • The letter from the Ethics Committee confirming the favourable opinion;
  • The Form UPR16 declaring the ethical conduct of the research.

The presentation of the thesis should follow the essential points as described in the Research Degrees Operational Handbook ("Presentation of the Thesis").

PGRS are asked to submit one electronic copy of the thesis (including Ethics Form UPR16) to (Research Degrees Team, Student Administration Services, DSAA) by their deadline date.