This article will explain who and what the Faculty Research Degree (FRD) Committee are.

Each Faculty is required to operate a Faculty Research Degrees Committee, which have delegated authority for certain matters detailed in the FRD Committee Terms of Reference approved by URDC.

Membership includes the Faculty Research Degree Coordinator as Chair and the Department Research Degree Coordinators. At least two PGRS sit on each FRD Committee and can bring matters to the Committee which are of concern to researchers within the Faculty.

FRD Committees deal with the day-to-day matters associated with research degrees e.g. researcher development, Annual Review monitoring, Major Review monitoring and appointment of examiners. It also undertakes a quality assurance role assessing the progress of PGRS within the Faculty, including qualification rates. FRD Committees report to URDC, and can bring matters to URDC for discussion and consideration.

You are encouraged to contribute your views through your Departmental Research Degree Coordinator and PGRS representative on the FRD Committee as the University values student feedback as part of ongoing monitoring and enhancement of our degrees and the student experience. FRD Committees will endeavour to deal with all issues brought to their attention and can refer matters to GSMB and URDC as appropriate.

For further information about FRD Committees please see the Research Degrees Handbook.