This article will inform you on the annual review and what it comprises of.

The purpose of the Annual Review is to provide an opportunity for independent formal monitoring to review your progress.

The Annual Review is an annual regulatory requirement for all PGRS except those who are on an approved period of interrupted study, or have already submitted their thesis for examination. It will take place every year except in the academic year in which the Major Review takes place.

PGRS on an approved period of interrupted study will be expected to complete an Annual Review on their return to study and the date of this submission will be confirmed by the Research Section, Academic Registry.

Annual Reviews will be undertaken by a panel of at least two members of academic staff, at least one of whom will be independent of the supervisory team. They will review the annual reports and presentation submitted by you (UPR8A Form) and your First Supervisor (UPR8B Form) and ask relevant questions about your progress. Other evidence may be considered such as:

  • draft sections of the thesis;
  • a thesis outline;
  • publications;
  • record of GSDP sessions attended and other training and development activities undertaken.

Your Faculty Research Degrees Committee agrees the Annual Review arrangements including the format of the review and the evidence that you are required to submit.

Further information regarding individual faculty requirements can be accessed here.

For further information please see the Research Degrees Handbook.