This article will outline what extenuating circumstances are.

Extenuating circumstances relate to your health and/or personal life which are of a sufficiently serious nature to result in you being unable to attend a review meeting or examination. You may submit extenuating circumstances for:

  • Major Review Meetings
  • Annual Review Meetings
  • Interim Examination Meetings
  • Viva Voce Examination

The University operates a ’fit to sit’ policy - if you attempt your Major Review, Annual Review, Interim Examination or viva voce Examination, you would not be able to claim you were affected by extenuating circumstances after the event.

You are advised to contact your First Supervisor at the earliest opportunity and before the affected review or examination.

If you are affected by extenuating circumstances while the review or examination is taking place, you should notify the examiners immediately and a decision will be made in consultation with your First Supervisor as to whether the review or examination can continue.

The research regulations include further guidance on extenuating circumstances.