This article will inform you on the final review meeting, which takes place after an annual review.

If the outcome of the Annual Review is to defer to a Final Review Meeting you will be informed of the further work you will need to submit and will have two months to complete this. You will need to submit your further work by email to Research Degrees Team, Student Administration Services, Department of Student and Academic Administration (DSAA) to:-

Once your further work has been submitted a Final Review Meeting will be arranged.

The outcome of the Final Review Meeting following an Annual Review will be one of the following:

  • You may continue your registration (Progress);
  • Further supporting evidence is required before a decision is taken;
  • Your registration for PhD is changed to MPhil with the appropriate decrease of the registration period;
  • Your registration is ended by the University.

If you have extenuating circumstances which have prevented you from completing the required documentation or attending your Annual Review, you should discuss this matter with your First Supervisor at the earliest opportunity.

You may request a review of the outcome of your Annual Review by following the appeals process in the relevant research regulations for your research degree programme. You should note that appeals cannot be made on the basis of disagreement with the academic judgement of the academic staff who undertook the Annual Review and the valid grounds for appeal are provided in the relevant research regulations.

The UPR8A form includes the option for you to request that your First Supervisor is not present if you wish to disclose any issue that cannot be discussed with your First Supervisor.

Successful completion of the Annual Review is a formal requirement for your continued registration. If you do not submit the Annual Review documentation by the stated deadline the University may end your registration.