This article will explain how you can go about getting an Independent Chair for a viva voce examination.

The role of an Independent Chair is to chair and maintain a record of the examination and assist the examiners in following University procedures for the conduct of viva voce examinations. However, they are not involved in the decision making process.

If you wish to have an Independent Chair at your viva voce examination you need to inform your First Supervisor and make a request in writing to your Chair, FRD Committee, when you submit your thesis and before the viva voce has been arranged to ensure the person appointed will be available to attend.

You may take advice from your First Supervisor, members of your supervision team, Chair, FRD Committee or the Research Section, Department of Student and Academic Registration prior to making your decision to request an Independent Chair.

There are additional circumstances when the University will appoint an Independent Chair for your viva voce examination. The Independent Chair will be appointed by your Faculty Research Degrees Committee and details of the circumstances when this will happen are included in the research regulations.

The Research Section, Department of Student and Academic Administration will formally confirm in writing the appointment of the Independent Chair and you, your First Supervisor, Internal and External Examiners and the Independent Chair will be notified of the regulation under which the Independent Chair is required.