This article will explain how many times a Postgraduate Research Student (PGRS) will meet their supervisors.

Meetings for full-time Postgraduate Research Students (PGRS) are at least fortnightly during the first three months of the research degree programme. Thereafter, meetings should take place at least once every six weeks, but may be more frequent by arrangement. The majority of meetings should be with the First Supervisor and meetings with the entire supervisory team should take place at least once a term (3 times per year).

Part time PGRS should normally meet their First Supervisor and/or other members of the supervisory team at least monthly during the first three months and at two-monthly intervals thereafter with at least one meeting per year with the full supervisory team. 

The supervisory team are expected to agree the schedule of meetings with the PGRS. Meetings may be held face-to-face or by phone, video conference or similar.