This article explains what you can do to prevent the theft of your belongings.


General advice:

  • Never leave personal possessions unattended. Take them with you or lock them out of sight. Be particularly careful when working on a computer or studying in the library.
  • Do not withdraw more money than you need. When using a cash machine make sure you are not being overlooked when entering your PIN number.
  • When entering any building with a secure entry system, be aware of people trying to follow you through.
  • If you are in doubt or you are sure that someone has followed you through, please contact the security on 3333 immediately.
  • Register all your valuable property online at Immobilise.


Crime awareness top tips:

  • Close and lock your doors and windows
  • Do not leave valuable items on show
  • Mark and record your property
  • Disguise your laptop, perhaps by using a plastic bag and always backup your work
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance
  • Never leave drinks unattended
  • Do not allow strangers into your hall or house
  • Walk home safely in a group and on well-lit, busy routes
  • Be observant when using mobile phones in public
  • Report anything suspicious or unusual
  • Carry a personal attack alarm, especially if you are out at night
  • Lock your bicycle using a D-lock and use cycle storage where possible
  • Plan in advance how you are going to get home from an evening out
  • Use well marked licensed taxis and make a note of the number
  • Avoid “letter burglaries”; never hand or leave your keys anywhere near your letterbox or windows
  • Don’t label your keys with your address; mark your keys using your name and contact number. If found, do not give out your address and ask for them to be taken to a police station for you to collect
  • Keep strangers at your door and always ask for identification
  • If you are going away for a longer period of time, do not let mail collect by your door; ask a friend to move it or consider Royal Mail’s ‘KeepSafe’ service
  • If you live in halls, don’t allow strangers to tailgate behind you on entry to the building. If you are suspicious of anyone, call security on 3333.

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If you see someone behaving suspiciously in your area, report it to the police.

If you become a victim of crime, report to the Police or University Security immediately:

  • Off campus call 999
  • On campus call +44(0)23 9284 3333 (3333 on internal phones)
  • Non-urgent reports can be made to any police station or by calling 101

PC Clare Parry is available for advice - contact details available here.