This article will provide some tips on creating a LinkedIn profile, and explain where you can find further guidance and support.This article will provide some tips on creating a LinkedIn profile, and explain where you can find further guidance and support.


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and many businesses now use it as a career-enrichment platform. It is also an increasingly popular forum used by students and graduates to develop a network of business and professional contacts in order to raise their profile within a professional environment.


How you can use LinkedIn:

  • build a network of professional contact

  • source career profiles for your chosen sector

  • research organisations that might provide graduate opportunities

  • connect with people you may have networked with previously

In order to get the most out of this resource, you will need to use good networking skills as well as create a strong profile.


Follow our step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Create an effective LinkedIn profile

  • Make sure you already have an effective and up to date CV, as you can use a lot of the information within it to create your LinkedIn profile.

  • Follow the LinkedIn tip sheets on building a student profile and the profile checklist to make sure that you have included everything.

  • Browse other student and graduate profiles for ideas and inspiration.

2. Start by adding existing contacts

  • Use the My Network tab to search for and link to people you already know, especially colleagues and employers from your work experience, volunteering and interests.

3. Be proactive and join some Linkedin groups

  • Search for groups related to your chosen career area. Details of LinkedIn groups are often included on the websites of professional bodies.

  • Look for University of Portsmouth alumni groups.

  • Locate any regional networking groups.

  • Use the search bar on LinkedIn to look for groups, universities and more.

4. Research people and organisations

  • You can also use the search box to find people and organisations. Look for people who have followed a particular career route or who work for an organisation that interests you.

Finally, remember that all the rules for effective networking apply to LinkedIn and any online networks. Make sure you read our top tips on how to network before you start.


How can I get in contact for more information and advice?

The Careers and Employability Service has a dedicated team of friendly, experienced advisers on hand to talk to you. You can find out more about the support available from the Careers and Employability Service, access a wide range of information and advice and find out how to contact us by visiting our website at


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