This article provides links to information on building relations with people of different faiths and beliefs.

There are guidelines for building relations with people of different faiths and beliefs, available both nationally, and within the University. There are a number of useful links below that can direct you to groups and organisations that specialise in building interfaith relationships.

Useful websites/contacts:

Should you wish to learn more about the University’s ‘Equality and Diversity’ policies for students from different faiths and religions, please see this article.


How the Chaplaincy can help build these relationships

The Chaplaincy offers students a fantastic space to interact with people from other cultures and religions. The Chaplaincy also has resources and contact details for local faith groups, which you can access by going into Chaplaincy. If you are unsure about how to approach someone from a different cultural or faith background to yourself, then the Chaplains will be able to help.

Contact details and location of the Chaplaincy available here.