This article will explain the different types of accommodation which are available other than halls of residence. The main types of accommodation let to students in Portsmouth are:


Shared houses

  • The most common type of accommodation in Portsmouth, shared houses range in size from three bedrooms up to eight bedrooms plus!
  • The average size property tends to be either four to five bedrooms in size.
  • Houses are offered for rent for nine to eleven months of the year, generally through private landlords or agencies.
  • Rents are normally advertised per person per week, although most landlords expect to be approached by a group of students to make up the correct size household i.e. 4 bedroom house = group of 4 students.
  • Each student rents a bedroom in the house whilst sharing the kitchen, bathroom/s, toilet/s and other facilities.
  • You will be expected to sign a tenancy agreement which may be an individual or joint contract.
  • Whilst the majority of shared households work perfectly well, you must make sure that you’re happy to live with your friends – agree house rules before you live together, respect each other’s privacy and property, and do your fair share of the chores!



  • These are rooms in private houses where the homeowner or a member of their family lives on the premises.
  • They are normally family households or professional homeowners, although some owners are students themselves. Some owners will take in more than one student depending on the size of their home.
  • House rules can vary considerably, so it’s best to talk these over with the owner before deciding to take the room.
  • Lodgings may be a good choice for those on a tight budget because rent is paid either weekly or monthly, plus bills are always included so you know exactly what you will be expected to pay each time the rent is due. It may be possible to negotiate a reduction in rent for vacation periods.


Flats and studios

  • Flats are usually self-contained (your own front door and facilities), with the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen spaces all in separate rooms. They will vary in size from one bedroom flats to larger 3 or 4 bedroom flats (or over a couple of floors, known as a maisonette).
  • Studios are also self-contained (your own front door), but your bedroom, lounge and kitchen space are usually all in one room, with the bathroom being separate/en-suite to the room.
  • Please note that there are a limited number of flats available in Portsmouth for students and this type of accommodation can be quite expensive depending on where the accommodation is and who is providing it.
  • There are also private Hall providers located across the city who may offer studio rooms. Details of these can be found using the official accommodation search engine,