This article will provide you with information on the procedures in place to care for your child in the event of an accident.

If your child has an accident while at the Nursery, a member of staff qualified in First Aid will administer First Aid. Every accident that occurs at Nursery, including minor bumps, grazes and bruises, will be documented on an ‘Accident in Nursery’ form and parents are informed verbally on the day the accident occurs and asked to sign the form. Accident forms are kept in children’s confidential file and reviewed regularly.

In the event of a more serious accident, parents are contacted without delay. If the staff cannot contact a parent, the child will be transferred to hospital by ambulance with a member of Nursery staff, while a manager continues to try to reach a parent.

If a child arrives at the Nursery with signs of an injury, which did not happen at the Nursery, parents are asked for information on how the injury happened. The details of the injury and the parent's explanation will be documented on an ‘Accident out of Nursery’ form, which a parent must sign.These forms are also kept in children’s confidential file and reviewed regularly.

An Automated External Defibrillator, (AED), suitable for use on children and adults is available in the Nursery foyer. Nursery staff have been trained in its use, although it can be used by an untrained person in an emergency.