This article will provide you with information on amending who can collect your child from Nursery, and procedures if a court order has been issued.

In normal circumstances, only the parents or usual carer will be allowed to collect a child from the Nursery.As part of every child’s induction, parents are required to provide photos of every person who will collect their child.

If someone other than a parent is going to collect a child, a child collection form is required.The chosen person must bring photo ID with them when they collect the child, which is checked by staff.

All people collecting children must be over 18 years old.

If an unfamiliar person arrives to collect a child, the staff in charge will check for an authorisation form and contact the parent.The Nursery staff will keep the child at the Nursery, until a parent arrive or can be contacted.

In the case of separated parents who are in dispute over the access to their child, the Nursery will give equal parental rights of access to both parents, unless a court order has been issued prohibiting access by either parent.