This article will provide you with the information on procedures put in place to safeguard your child at Nursery.

The Nursery staff work within the Nursery policies on safeguarding children to promote good health and well-being of the children.

Staff aim to develop warm, trusting relationships with the children and provide protected times when they listen to the children, so children may feel able to talk to their Key Person about anything that worries them.

Daily risk assessments are made of the toys, equipment and indoors and outdoors play spaces to check for safety. Action is taken immediately, if required, to maintain a safe environment. All dangerous substances are kept out of children’s reach and all electrical sockets have plug covers.

The Nursery staff are always aware that the physical security of the children while at Nursery is essential. Parents may enter the Nursery foyer but need to be given access to the Nursery itself through the secure entry door. If the reception is unmanned, parents may buzz the intercom. Staff will remotely open the secure door after checking that they recognise the person requesting entry, via the video entry system. We ask that parents do not allow other people to enter the Nursery as they leave or enter. All visitors at the Nursery are asked to provide some identification and sign the visitors’ book. Visitors are accompanied in the Nursery and do not have unsupervised access to the children.

The Nursery managers ensure that all staff receive an Enhanced Criminal Records check by the Disclosure and Barring Service DBS (formerly known as CRB), prior to them starting work at the Nursery. All staff are qualified to a minimum of level 3 in Early Years and Childcare. There is a wide range of experience in the current staff. Two satisfactory employment references are taken up on a new staff member before the position is offered to them.

Nursery staff are vigilant at all times and are aware of any unusual changes in the children. Nursery staff will ensure that parents are informed of any changes noticed in behaviour or appearance of their child. Nursery staff will refer any suspicion to to the appropriate manager, without delay, who will liaise with Social Care and OFSTED as appropriate.

Nursery staff are kept up-to-date with relevant child protection training. Nursery staff know the children well and notice any changes in the children’s behaviour or appearance. Staff have a duty to report any concerns to a nursery manager who will then discuss this with parents, if appropriate. The safety of the children may include a duty to share confidential information with others involved in protecting children. Parents’ and visitors’ mobile phones and other similar devices are not permitted in the nursery. Staff mobiles phones are not permitted in the children’s areas.

Every child who attends the University Nursery has the right to be protected, regardless of their age, ability, culture, social class, ethnic origin or gender. The University of Portsmouth Nursery staff are obliged by law (Children’s Act 1989) to report any suspicion of abuse regarding children in their care to Social Care, tel. +44 (0)23 9283 9111 and OFSTED (tel. +44 (0)300 123 1231) whose address is:

National Business Unit


Piccadilly Gate

Store Street

Manchester M1 2WD