This article will give you information on whether you need to make an appointment to receive help at the Maths Café.

You do not need to make an appointment to come to the Maths Café drop-ins; just turn up. Our daily drop-in sessions take place at two locations on the campus, where you can receive help with maths or maths-related problems that you might encounter in your studies, find out more about any topics of interest or pick up free resources. If you need help, just come along to one of our sessions. To help us support you effectively, we suggest that you bring your notes or any other materials that are associated with your query.

At Maths Café we also run workshops on selected topics. If you would like to come along to any of our workshops, we find it useful if you sign up for the workshop in advance. This is so that we print out enough handouts, and to make sure that there are enough tutors available at the workshop. To find out more information about the workshops currently advertised, and to register to attend, please visit the Maths Café Moodle page.